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About Rentole

Less production, more re-usability, and a culture of sharing are the basis of Rentole. Download App now and Turn your liabilities into paying assets.

Life at Rentole

Our vision to help save our environment alongside allowing the underprivileged to get involved in renting. Mass production of things is not only depleting our world's scarce resources alongside hiking the prices but also are a source of polluting the planet. Less production, more re-usability and a culture of sharing are the basis of Rentole. By Rentole, we are solving the biggest climate/price challenges but also following a micro-economic model like Amazon, alibaba etc. to keep the jobs intact. It is just looking at the things with a different perspective. 

Career Okay

Hall-1 Lower Ground Floor, Plaza No 122, Civic Center, Phase -4 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi / Islamabad


Graphics Designer

Posted on : 14 Apr 2021

SEM Specialist

Posted on : 09 Mar 2021

Marketing Officer

Posted on : 03 Mar 2021

Graphics Designer

Posted on : 15 Feb 2021

Sales Officer / Marketing Officer

Posted on : 03 Feb 2021