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About AdRe Northwick

Institute of buildings and Surveyors is the only body which is taken a step to promote professional qualifications, which is recognized in all over the world. It is our aim to build foundations and work alongside governments to introduce new areas, professions, and practices to build infrastructure for towns, cities, and nations. It is long and hard work of nearly decade to establish this body which will be independent and acknowledge no influence

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It is professional association which delivers policies on infra-structure and deliver professional qualifications. 

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2 Floor, Emirates Tower, M-13, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan


Personal Assistant

Posted on : 21 Oct 2018

Account Consultant

Posted on : 11 Jun 2018

Marketing Intern

Posted on : 18 Mar 2018

Marketing Intern

Posted on : 18 Mar 2018

Marketing Internship

Posted on : 18 Mar 2018