Effective Methods to Get First Job

Junaid Mehboob    02 Nov 2017 04:54 PM

Effective Methods to Get First Job

Unemployment happens when there are people in our society who want but are not capable of obtaining it because of the fact that there are not enough jobs for everyone. And every person who is presently in the state of finding job knows what I am saying.


A lot of factors are there responsible for worst unemployment condition in Pakistan.

In our society where most people earn their living only by working for others being unable to find a job is a serious problem. Our population pressure lowers the economic growth and resulting in poor and slow growth of the country economy.


 Rapid growth in the population is the main factor which is worsening the situation, but Pakistan is one of the most populated countries of the world with annual growth rate being nearly 3 percent. It means that about 1 million workers are added yearly to the existing labor force which calls for creating job opportunities. An increase in population contributed much in rising unemployment rate in Pakistan and if the population growth keeps on increasing with the same ratio then it will create more problems. Employment in the private sector absolutely stopped, they shifted their capital the other countries because of nationalization of industrial units badly affected the investment in the industrial sector.



Just go through following steps and you will get a good Job.


First, decide your field in which you want to be. “Don’t just blindly apply for every job”.

You are Electronics engineer ok...

ØThen decide subfield you want to join

            Conventional energy recourses?

            Industrial Automation?

            Power Sector?



Just select one field you are best at?

This I don’t know in fact no one knows only you do.

You have selected a field GREAT.

Let’s go to the second step.

ØHow many companies are dealing in your selected field in our city?

Open web Browser and start searching.

You will easily find the list of companies. Write down their name and contact information.



Let’s go to the third step

Ø Know basic knowledge of your selected field.

For example, you have selected Industrial Automation. You should know how many manufacturers are there? Which brand is leading in this field and why? How to program the devices? And etc.


Ø Write an attractive CV

You will easily find the best template online.


Ø Start working on your skills

Start with the every related software you learned in university. Watch a tutorial on YouTube and start practicing them.

ü AutoCAD

Install AutoCAD in your laptop and start watching a tutorial on YouTube, start from basics. After you are done with all the tutorials and you think that now you have mastered it. Write down AUTOCAD in your skills portion of your CV.

ü Step7 micro win

Now similarly install this and do as the previous case. Make dummy scenarios and write the program for them check them in simulators. And after one or two weeks write down STEP7 MICRO Win in your skills portion of your CV.

 In this way keep expanding skills portion of your CV.


Ø Start doing Certifications in your selected area. Because


Degrees are not enough.


Now you are all set to get a job. You have already made a list.

Print out your CV

And visit each company personally not through email

Trust me Most of the companies don’t even remember the password of their recruiting email ID.

Ask for paid Internship. Not for the job. Because the will not offer you a job because you don’t have experience.

At the end of the day, you will be able to secure an internship on the basis of your skills.

Now the most important thing is to consider your internship as a job and work harder.

Most probably if you work harder they will hire you because you know the work, you know the office staff and most importantly you are the hard worker.

Best of luck for your Future