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We like building systems that just work, require little maintenance and reduce the number of people that are required to do a particular job. We pride ourselves on not being precious about anything we build and refactor key pieces of our platform as newer and better technologies or better ways of doing things emerge.

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In most companies, technology and business often fight. The techies want to immerse themselves in the latest tech with little regard to commercial benefits and business people think of technology as just a tool that should be used to achieve some commercial aim.

We don't think like this. Technology drives everything we do in the business, whether that's working out how to deal with data at the petabyte scale, how to reduce latencies to sub-millisecond levels, or how to automate the tedious drudgery of modern working life. More importantly, business people recognise this and work in close partnership to ensure our projects stay commercially focussed, without making unreasonable demands or getting in the way.

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Flexible Hours


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Social Media Manager

Posted on : 15 Nov 2017

Social Media Manager

Posted on : 26 Jun 2017

Node.Js Developer

Posted on : 20 Sep 2017