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About KIPS CSS | Global Age

The Largest CSS Preparatory Network in Pakistan. Operating in 8 Major Cities & a legacy of 1900+ Civil Servants.

We believe that a country’s true asset is its educated and intellectually-groomed youth. KIPS CSS endeavors not only to equip its students with the knowledge and skill needed to succeed in competitive exams but also to offer them the enlightenment required to transform them into dependable individuals capable of shouldering the responsibilities of leadership.

Global Age is a brand launched by KIPS which already is a well-recognized name in academia and publications. Global Age is offering more than 30+ short courses, educational consultancy services, and monthly current affairs magazines.

Life at KIPS CSS | Global Age

We promise a career growth with expectational working environment & managerial guidance. 

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HEAD OFFICE 32/33 B, Jagawar Chowk, Johar Town, Lahore 0311-4345337, 0313-4437562


Business Development Officer

Posted on : 10 May 2022