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About CodeX

CodeX is a startup platform based in Los Angeles, California. We believe in pushing beyond the limits of core technologies to create new paradigms, which either disrupt large markets, or create new ones entirely. We build products from the ground up,  utilizing frontier technologies to create value and efficiency that’s orders of magnitude  greater than the status quo.  

Life at CodeX

We invest in people. In the short term, our strategy is built on creating elite teams with product, marketing and operational expertise that can transform a groundbreaking technology into a productive, scalable enterprise. Keeping our R&D in-house allows us to devote all of our initial financing towards the growth and scalability of our portfolio companies. Our primary mission as an incubator platform is to catalyze and scale each opportunity to achieve its revenue potential in its respective market.

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Karachi, Pakistan



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UI Developer / Front End Developer

Posted on : 20 May 2020

IT Sales - Technical Seat Outsourcing

Posted on : 05 Dec 2019

PPC Specialist

Posted on : 16 Oct 2019

Web Developer

Posted on : 03 Oct 2019

Software Engineer

Posted on : 03 Oct 2019

Team Lead UI/UX (GUI)

Posted on : 27 Mar 2018