Tuesday 28, Nov 2023

Python AI/ML Subject Matter Expert 


Massachusetts, - Philippines - 13 to 40 (USD) - Per Hour

2 Years Morning Shift Full-Time

Job Details

Information Technology
Career Level:
Experienced (Non-Managerial)
2 Years
Required Qualification:
Python AI/ML Subject Matter
Requires Traveling:
13 - 40 USD
Salary Type:
Per Hour
Total Vacancies:
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Next Sapien has a number of Python AI/ML Subject Matter Expert level positions open that might be interesting to you! We allow Senior Developers to try out this opportunity (half-time for a month) while working their other job to ensure an easy transition. This company is growing fast and they are building a new team to head an initiative that will bring the digital and the biological world of engineering together. There are a diverse number of projects that you may be assigned, ranging from things like Synthetic Biology applications and Code Framework construction to Niche Market E-Commerce and Messaging apps. There are countless chances to learn and grow from exploring new tech to growing your own business. Next Sapien is interested in hiring collaborative self-starters who are ready to tackle interesting problems. They would love to have a chat with you about the projects that are available and how you might fit in!

Interview Structure:
Technical Screening chat ( min)
Use this Link to schedule for interview min
Coder’s challenge ( - min)
Key Skills:
To pass the interviews you will need to have extensive experience and enjoy making Python and have built several of your own custom Python and AI/ML Libraries.
FULL-TIME Technical requirements:
Senior-level (most are $ /hr but we can hire up to $ /hr) Python AI/ML experience
Optimized solution for each part of the coding challenge
Does not require direction
Able to suggest architectural-level changes
Expert communicator
Junior level
Misses some part of the coder’s challenge
Requires repeated direction
Unable to contribute useful suggestions
Communication is hampered and things must be repeated
Useful skills:
The ideal candidate will possess extensive experience applying advanced machine learning techniques like neural networks, deep learning, and natural language processing using Python libraries such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, and scikit-learn. You should have working knowledge of AI concepts like computer vision, chatbots, recommendation engines, time series forecasting, robotics, and optimization algorithms. Excellent skills in data exploration, feature engineering, model evaluation/tuning, and deployment into production are required. Knowledge of parallel computing tools like CUDA and distributed model training is a plus. An advanced degree in computer science, data science, or a related technical field is preferred. Strong math skills in linear algebra, calculus, and statistics are needed to understand papers on the latest AI approaches and effectively implement techniques like CNNs, LSTMs, reinforcement learning, and transfer learning. Communication skills are key to distill complex AI topics into digestible training for junior staff.
Python with AI/ML, Angular, Material, Node/NestJs, AWS, and Ionic
Employee Perks:
Learning opportunities from Enterprise level codebases, systems, and developers
Get in at the ground level of a company with limitless potential and fun projects
High earnings potential, no maximum on your total number of hours per week
We have eliminated the painful need to estimate Jira stories within our SDLC
days accumulating annual PTO after months with the company
Get noticed and rewarded bi-weekly for being a top contributor
Overtime ( % rate increase) is available for overachievers
% Remote work, forever
Work on your own time
Company Policies:
Able to work over a remote connection like Teamviewer or Chrome Remote Desktop
Fluent English comprehension and oration (easy to understand over the phone)
Eager to put the needs of the team above your own and take the initiative
Must work at least hours a week M-F (missed hours decrease rate)
Be ‘On Call’ for technical queries from am - pm CST
Must be okay with our time-tracking software
Participate in a month's probationary period
Good and stable internet connection
Meet the team for daily standups
Keep a Work Log in Google Docs
Biweekly payroll
" If you're interested please send me your resume on my email so we can schedule you for a screening. "

Job Specification

Nextsapien is in search of talented and motivated individuals for the post of Python AI/ML Subject Matter Expert in the field of Information Technology in one of their office located in Massachusetts - Philippines. The ideal candidate should have python ai/ml subject matter qualification and atleast 2 years of experience. The position require python, subject matter expert, level, open, senior, transition, building, head, digital, engineering, synthetic, biology, framework, construction, market, messaging, business, hiring, chat, technical, screening, schedule, key skills, part, coding, direction, expert, communication, machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, natural language processing, concepts, computer vision, time series, forecasting, robotics, optimization, algorithms, data, exploration, deployment, production, tools, cuda, training, computer science, data science, field, calculus, statistics, reinforcement, learning, communication skills, complex, staff, enterprise, jira, sdlc, policies, chrome, remote desktop, fluent, phone, software, internet, google, payroll, email mandatory skills. This is a Full-Time morning shift job.Salary vary between 13 to 40 (USD) per hour depending upon skills and years of experience candidate got.

About Nextsapien

Next Sapien has a startup environment. You have the opportunity to heavily impact design decisions in this environment as requirements aren't 100% given from the top. Currently, they have developers making those disclosed rates, and are excited to see how you fit in! It's a fast-paced learning environment run by developers with plenty of learning opportunities and cool technologies in future products. We would start you with the simple stuff to gauge your level of competency.